What is an anti-inflammation lifestyle and diet

The awareness of the intersection between inflammation and chronic disease has spawned a plethora of diet plans, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle programs, many implying they offer new ways to improve your health by quelling inflammation. It's true that scientists are uncovering new complexities and expanding their knowledge of factors that may contribute to inflammation or help counter it. But much of the heavily hyped guidance for an anti-inflammation lifestyle boils down to the same no-nonsense health advice your grandmother might have given you.

Make healthy food choices

Our diets play an important role in chronic inflammation because our digestive bacteria release chemicals that may...



A few dietary guidelines may help relieve SIBO symptoms.

Gut bacteria feed on carbohydrates. In general, the SIBO diet limits carbohydrate intake to prevent bacteria from growing. People may also benefit from a diet that is low in fermentable foods or FODMAPs.

FODMAPs are short-chain carbohydrates that are commonly present in dairy products, grains, and certain fruits and vegetables. Reducing the intake of these foods may relieve the symptoms of SIBO and help people identify the foods that trigger them.

FODMAP foods include:

  • oligosaccharides: wheat, legumes, onions, asparagus

  • disaccharides (lactose): milk, yogurt, butter, soft cheeses

  • monosaccharides (fructose and glucose): fru...

5 ways to use food and medicine

5 Ways to Use Food as Medicine

Woman at farmers market

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.”—Ayurvedic proverb

It’s hard not to notice the books, documentaries, and podcasts that present research on the association between diet and chronic disease or illness. Emotional well-being is also affected by diet, something that can be overlooked when seeking treatment for mental health issues. Start today with a preventive approach to your health. Begin by considering the importance of food and its potential for healing.

Medication has its value, but if you could choose food over modern medicine, wouldn’t you? Think of it th...

Why Take Diet Advice From a Cave Man?

In the Paleo era, people ran around all day and rarely lived past 40, so their risk of developing the so-called diseases of civilization is unknown.

10 Tiny Kitchen Organizing Tasks You Can Do in 10 Minutes — Organizing Tips from The Kitchn

You don't always have a full day to dedicate to organizing your kitchen, so your best bet is to complete little tasks here and there. The next time you find yourself with an extra 10 minutes on your hands (say, while you wait for the internet to restart or before you have to leave for schoo...

Meal Prep: Six Fresh Storage Tips For Popular Fruits And Vegetables


Chef LaLa, Master Chef and Healthy Lifestyle Expert for Chef Nourish share Six Fresh Storage Tips for Popular Fruits and Vegetables:

1. Tomatoes should remain on the counter to maintain their texture and flavor. Refrigeration may turn tomatoes mushy. Place tomatoes in a bowl lined with a paper towel, at room temperature. Do not keep them near heat sources or direct sunlight.

2. Remove mushrooms from containers and clean them individually with a damp towel. Dry them carefully and store them in a paper bag.

3. Berries, oranges, pineapples, cherries, grapes and watermelon do not ripen after picking, so put them directly into the refrigerator. Lemons and limes can be kept on the counter but will ...

Foods Rich In Protein


Here is a quick and easy list of Foods Rich in Protein include:
by Chef Nourish
chicken breast
turkey breast
pumpkin seeds
brussels sprouts
whey protein supplements
green peas
wild rice
chia seeds

Keeping Kids Safe In The Car

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

No matter whether you are on a trip to the corner park, on a long drive to visit the family, or just parked at the market, the safety of the children in your car should be your first concern. Infants, toddlers, and school-aged children under 4’9” should be in an approved child safety seat or booster seat. Older children who have outgrown their booster seats should travel with a lap and shoulder belt and ride in the rear seat of the vehicle until they are at least 13. When the vehicle is parked, be sure not to leave children in the car as they can become trapped in extreme heat resulting in serious injury and/or death very quickly, When the outside temperatur...





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