OUR MENUS ARE created by a LE CORDON BLEU master chef and HARVARD TRAINED certified nutritionist
chef lala

A Southern California Los Angeles and Orange County based Meal Prep company that specializes in providing super foods with super standards to help busy people live the healthiest possible lives. We create ready-to-eat, delicious, chef-crafted meals made with nutrient dense, locally sourced, organic, gluten free, and dairy free super foods.

With Chef Nourish, you sacrifice nothing — not your time, not your energy, and certainly not your health. In just a few easy steps, you’ll be enjoying flavorful and nourishing meals in the comfort of your own home, knowing that you are giving your body everything it needs, and nothing it doesn’t.

Following a custom diet means you need more time dedicated to food and food preparation. Not only this, but for those who are concerned with the origin of their meat, fruits and vegetables, there can be a great deal of work involved in setting up connections with local farmers and butchers. Shopping, prepping, cooking and cleanup - We do it all for you and deliver it fresh to your door.

Whether you fuel performance like a caveman or pescatarian, we keep things fresh, just like every ingredient we'll ever use. Paleo? No problem. Gluten-free? Done

Diabetes? We know what to do.

It doesn't matter if you're closing deals, lifting at the gym, or on your tenth round and those mitts gotta stay up. We know what performance looks like. That's why every meal is nutritionist-designed for energy when you need it most. Whether you're looking for high-quality proteins, low glycemic carbohydrates, or heart healthy fats, you can count on every menu

Hormone Free

Antibiotic Free


Soy Free

Our menu is filled with local organic ingredients and grass-fed meats.

Gluten Free

Hormone Free


Antibiotic Free

Dairy Free

Soy Free