This is the general menu does not reflect any personal dislike and customizations made that are on your customized profile. Please text any change request to 323-909-8933 or the form below Request must be made 48 hours in advance

(i,e. Please change my LUNCH chicken for beef)

Breakfast swap - You may change your breakfast for Granola, yogurt, honey and fruit tray

or Veggie egg scramble

Protein swap - you may change your protein for Chicken, Beef or Vegetarian

Side dish swap - any side dish can be swapped for broccoli, carrots or brown rice

Sweet snack swap - any side dish may be swapped for fresh berries

Savory snack swap - any side dish may be swapped for mixed nuts


Customized orders are reflected on each individual meal box

January 15, 2024


 Avocado toast made with whole wheat bread – fresh avocado – hard boiled egg – radish – arugula micro greens - turkey bacon


 Salmon lettuce cups – salmon – romaine – crunchies – peanuts – celery – pickled red onion - daikon noodles – sesame ginger dressing – green onion- black-white sesame seeds


 Chicken with creamy spinach tomato & basil - grilled zucchini & eggplant –herbed olive oil spaghetti


 Matcha drink with almond milk


 Fresh baked white cake with berry coulis

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